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Bulgogi Pizza

불고기 피자

Onion, mushroom, spinach, black olive,

paprika, mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, sweet ranch sauce

    Regular 9"
    13,500 MMK
    large 12"
    19,500 MMK
Maru Chicken Cheese Tower

닭갈비 치즈 타워

chicken leg meat, bell pepper, seaweed flake, potato chips, grana padano ,onion,

cabbage, mushroom, sour cream, spicy bulgogi sauce.

6,500 MMK
Kimchi Bay

시푸드 베이 피자

Shrimp, Crab stick, onion, mushroom,

pineapple, corn, sweet ranch sauce, paprika, ham, kimchi mayonnaise, mozzarella cheese.

    Regular 9"
    14,500 MMK
    large 12"
    21,500 MMK
Delicious Pizza

Pizza Maru is patent for Pizza Dough made with Green tea, Chlorella and 12 kinds of grains (such as rye, black rice, barley and oats) which make our Dough nutritious and delicious.

Well Service

We at Pizzamaru promise to continually develop high quality well being products and deliver delicious pizzas on the table to become a company that’s worthy of our customer’s trust.

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